• Senior Exit Exhibition mark in full color and set in monogram high contrast.
  • Front side of postcards.
  • Reverse side of postcards.
  • Wall poster.
  • Detail of wall poster.
  • Detail of wall poster.
  • Website.


May 2011
[commissioned by faculty]


Identity System
Mark and Brand collateral
6" x 9" Exhibition postcards
3" x 5 " Reception cards
30" x 55" Wall Posters
75" x 60" Gallery interiors
24" x 98" FA Building banner
55 sec Animation commercial

Senior Exit Exhibition 2011

Each year the Visual Arts Department hosts a Senior Exit Exhibition showcasing the works of graduating artists. The exhibition is branded differently each year, done by the Art Director—typically a student appointed by faculty.

Commissioned by professor Guenet Abraham, I was selected as the Art Director for the 2011 Senior Exit Exhibition. My composition was produced and translated across several mediums from print to screen. Collateral which featured this design include: